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RFettFitness, LLC is a client-centered health coaching service that offers true results based on behavior change.

I am glad you are here checking out my website!
I am a certified health coach, a college professor in health and physical education, and have endorsements in dance, health, and psychology (GO Broncos!) as well as my Master's in Education (GO Lakers!) I am CPR certified and also a professional member of SHAPE. I have an additional certification in Online Fitness Coaching.
My fitness journey began years ago as a child when I was a dancer. After graduating from WMU, I moved to Seattle. College and adulthood freedom caught up with me and I gained about 25 pounds from not being consistent with my nutrition. I was always active, but not enough to offset the pounds of pasta and bagels I consumed!
I joined a gym and lost the weight by being consistent and tracking my calories. When I moved back to MI, married and had my first child, I wanted to lose some of the baby weight and started running. I lost a lot of weight and did not eat enough. I dieted too long and did too much cardio and my metabolism adapted to that.
Long story short, the next 15 years were filled with lots of cardio-based classes and dietary restriction. I took pride in being thin, but I reached my limit, and in 2017, I decided to just change! I gave up the endless cardio and started weight training. Now I am eating so much more and training, not exercising! I am in the gym to build, not burn! Being strong, not the smallest person in the room, is my goal now!
Then, in 2020, I decided to do my first bikini competition and I am in love with the world of bodybuilding. I am an NPC nationally qualified bikini competitor.

I want to share my experience and knowledge with you!

I live in Grand Haven, MI with my husband, Jarrid, and one our our three kids. Lulu.  Our oldest daughter Chase, lives in Grand Rapids and our son, Jude, lives in Allendale. We also have two cats, Purrito and Shylo.

I am dedicated to helping clients reach their full health potential and help them create goals that they can reach and stick with.
I do not utilize quick fixes or crash diets or gimmicky workouts, this is a marathon, not a sprint!

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  • Grand Haven, MI, USA

Health Coach One-on-One

I offer personalized Health coaching based on your fitness goals! Muscle growth, fat loss, mindset or behavior change! I will work with you individually to create the best plan for your goals! This is highly personalized --not a cookie cutter program. All coaching happens online via email, app messaging, phone call or video call and text.

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Foundations + Education Program

Don't want to take the leap with a coach but interested in learning about nutrition, tracking macros, how to create a sustainable plan and live up to your healthiest potential? I offer a 2 week intro Foundations Program that includes customized macros, training suggestions, and guidance on how to plan meals, eat out, track macros, and get a good basis to get going on your own! This is also great for those that want to do coaching but don't have any experience with nutrition or exercise. *Included in all coaching packages if client desires (all clients receive full service and individualized nutrition, training, guidance, etc. but this is a great place to start if you want to be a full client with me but want to gain a better understanding of nutrition, macros, and tracking before we begin). Not mandatory for clients but optional for a foundational base of education before full coaching begins. *Also available as a "one-off" 2 week program with support, guidance, and education so you can continue on your own (without the accountability aspect of a coach after the 2 weeks).

Maintenance Program

Have you reached your goals but still want occasional accountability from a coach and monthly check ins to monitor your progress? This maintenance program is for current or former clients that have reached their goal or are ready to coast on their own, but want the objective feedback of a coach 1x a month.

Fall Fitness Challenge!

The goal of this challenge is to START on your fitness journey but also learn the tools to CONTINUE it and create a sustainable plan for the rest of your life! While everyone else is waiting for Jan 1 to start on their goals, you could have reached your goal and gained back your energy, health, and fitness before 2024! Here are the "rules:" 1) Daily movement of at least 45 minutes. This could be a weightlifting session, a spin class, a walk, etc. ANY movement counts. 2) Spend at least 10 minutes outside. 3) Track your nutrition and hit the target goals that I will set for you. 4) Meditate, journal, or practice mindfulness for at least 5 minutes per day. 5) Hit your water goal (approx 1 gallon a day, but can vary with individuals) 6) Read for 10 minutes a day or listen to an educational podcast. 7) Check in with me 1x per week (more details on this to come if you sign up). What does it include? Individualized training plan, use of my training app, and nutrition goals, as well as weekly feedback and updating of plans based on progress! Space is limited. There are Prizes$$! But focusing on your health is priceless! Want more information on cost and challenge details? Message me by September 24th. The challenge goes for 12 weeks and starts on October 1.

Why do I need a health coach?

Many people know what to do to be healthy. However, they struggle with follow through or lose weight quickly only to rebound.
A health coach utilizes behavior change so the fitness and health goals are successfully attained but more importantly, sustained!
A health coach provides guidelines, education, and accountability to help clients reach their full health potential.

Do you offer meal plans?

I do not offer meal plans.  I use a macro-based approach so I can educate you on how to make healthy choices incorporating protein, carbs, and fats and micronutrients. From there you can create your own meal plan if you want!
That being said, I can help you plan out meals using your macros! 

Do you offer a discount for family clients or referrals?

Yes! If someone in your household also wants coaching services, you will get a 10% discount.
Referrals that lead to a new client signing up for any length of program will earn you  10% off your next package purchase. Subsequent referrals will lead to an additional 10% off future packages. Discounts cannot be combined; 10% is the max that will be honored for package purchase. Family discount is 10% per household. 

I want to lose weight and gain muscle. Can I do this at the same time?

This is called body recomposition. Yes it is possible to do if you are one of the following people:
An untrained individual (or newbie to the gym).
Someone that has not been following a structured program.
Someone returning to weight training after a prolonged hiatus.

I will help you reach your goals whatever they may be! 

Can I do just training or just nutrition program with you?

I offer a whole body approach to health, which includes training, nutrition, and mindset.
Just working out or just changing your nutrition habits may not get you the best results possible! If you are anxious about changing your eating habits or don't think that training is necessary (or worried that lifting weights will make you "bulky"--it won't!) I will work with you to make sure we get you on a plan that is attainable and realistic.
I will work with you one on one, be that accountability you need, and cater things just to your goals!
If you already have a trainer or you are following a nutrition plan that works for you, I can customize a plan for you that is either nutrition only or training only!

How do I know if a health coach is right for my goals?

I offer a free phone consult to all prospective clients. I would not recommend hiring any health coach without speaking to him/her before signing up!  This is a way to get to know each other and see if it is a good fit!  I work with all people, including kids!

What are the payment policies and options?

I currently offer 12, 16, and 24 and 52 week programs.
Payments are due in full via Venmo or PayPal before program delivery. Once we do our consult call, and we agree to work with each other, I will get you your plans within 3 days (perhaps sooner if you are already logging your food). Payment is due before this time and Day 1 of your program commences on the day your plans are sent.
No refunds are given but you can freeze your plan 1x per year if situations arise. 

I have never tracked my food or macros and it seems overwhelming!

If you are hesitant or new to tracking, but have a fat loss/muscle gain/maintenance goal, tracking your intake really is the only way to be able to measure progress!  If you are new to it, it will become easier!
You cannot manipulate what you cannot measure!
Tracking macronutrients (protein, carbs, and fats) is more than just tracking calories, because you are able to see what is in your foods and you will learn how certain things (protein and fiber for example) can help you reach your goals! 

My clients ask me questions all the time about food recommendations, and I give you guidelines on how to plan balanced meals and order at restaurants, etc.
Tracking is not intended to do for the rest of your life--you will learn portion sizes and what works best for you body and after time you won't have to track! 

How do you coach online clients?

I use an app (at no extra cost to you) that houses everything from your training, to progress, two way messaging, goals, etc.  It is pretty cool! 


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If you decide to go with my coaching services, I will email you a liability form that you will fill out before we get started!