Health Coach One-on-One

I offer personalized Health coaching based on your fitness goals! Muscle growth, fat loss, mindset or behavior change! I will work with you individually to create the best plan for your goals! This is highly personalized --not a cookie cutter program. All coaching happens online via email, app messaging, phone call or video call and text.

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Foundations + Education Program

Don't want to take the leap with a coach but interested in learning about nutrition, tracking macros, how to create a sustainable plan and live up to your healthiest potential? I offer a 2 week intro Foundations Program that includes customized macros, training suggestions, and guidance on how to plan meals, eat out, track macros, and get a good basis to get going on your own! This is also great for those that want to do coaching but don't have any experience with nutrition or exercise. *Included in all coaching packages if client desires (all clients receive full service and individualized nutrition, training, guidance, etc. but this is a great place to start if you want to be a full client with me but want to gain a better understanding of nutrition, macros, and tracking before we begin). Not mandatory for clients but optional for a foundational base of education before full coaching begins. *Also available as a "one-off" 2 week program with support, guidance, and education so you can continue on your own (without the accountability aspect of a coach after the 2 weeks).

Maintenance Program

Have you reached your goals but still want occasional accountability from a coach and monthly check ins to monitor your progress? This maintenance program is for current or former clients that have reached their goal or are ready to coast on their own, but want the objective feedback of a coach 1x a month.

Fall Fitness Challenge!

The goal of this challenge is to START on your fitness journey but also learn the tools to CONTINUE it and create a sustainable plan for the rest of your life! While everyone else is waiting for Jan 1 to start on their goals, you could have reached your goal and gained back your energy, health, and fitness before 2024! Here are the "rules:" 1) Daily movement of at least 45 minutes. This could be a weightlifting session, a spin class, a walk, etc. ANY movement counts. 2) Spend at least 10 minutes outside. 3) Track your nutrition and hit the target goals that I will set for you. 4) Meditate, journal, or practice mindfulness for at least 5 minutes per day. 5) Hit your water goal (approx 1 gallon a day, but can vary with individuals) 6) Read for 10 minutes a day or listen to an educational podcast. 7) Check in with me 1x per week (more details on this to come if you sign up). What does it include? Individualized training plan, use of my training app, and nutrition goals, as well as weekly feedback and updating of plans based on progress! Space is limited. There are Prizes$$! But focusing on your health is priceless! Want more information on cost and challenge details? Message me by September 24th. The challenge goes for 12 weeks and starts on October 1.