RFettFitness, LLC is a client-centered health coaching service that offers true results based on behavior change.

I am glad you are here checking out my website!
I am a certified health coach, a college professor in health and physical education, and have endorsements in dance, health, and psychology (GO Broncos!) as well as my Master's in Education (GO Lakers!) I am CPR certified and also a professional member of SHAPE. I have an additional certification in Online Fitness Coaching.
My fitness journey began years ago as a child when I was a dancer. After graduating from WMU, I moved to Seattle. College and adulthood freedom caught up with me and I gained about 25 pounds from not being consistent with my nutrition. I was always active, but not enough to offset the pounds of pasta and bagels I consumed!
I joined a gym and lost the weight by being consistent and tracking my calories. When I moved back to MI, married and had my first child, I wanted to lose some of the baby weight and started running. I lost a lot of weight and did not eat enough. I dieted too long and did too much cardio and my metabolism adapted to that.
Long story short, the next 15 years were filled with lots of cardio-based classes and dietary restriction. I took pride in being thin, but I reached my limit, and in 2017, I decided to just change! I gave up the endless cardio and started weight training. Now I am eating so much more and training, not exercising! I am in the gym to build, not burn! Being strong, not the smallest person in the room, is my goal now!
Then, in 2020, I decided to do my first bikini competition and I am in love with the world of bodybuilding. I am an NPC nationally qualified bikini competitor.

I want to share my experience and knowledge with you!

I live in Grand Haven, MI with my husband, Jarrid, and one our our three kids. Lulu.  Our oldest daughter Chase, lives in Grand Rapids and our son, Jude, lives in Allendale. We also have two cats, Purrito and Shylo.

I am dedicated to helping clients reach their full health potential and help them create goals that they can reach and stick with.
I do not utilize quick fixes or crash diets or gimmicky workouts, this is a marathon, not a sprint!

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